Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Uniqueness of the Boreem 47cc Full Fairing Pocket Bike

The Boreem 47cc Full Fairing Pocket Bike is an entry level model that will give you a fantastic introduction to the world of mini GP racing. This bike is unique as it has all the basic features and components, which are of excellent quality. Thus, its performance and reliability is superb. Despite this, it is inexpensive. It is really small at only 22 inches tall and weighs 43 lbs. Being small and light coupled with an extremely powerful engine it can rocket up to 40 mph.

The special features of the Boreem 47cc include:

Speed: 40 mph
Range: 30 miles
Motor: 47cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled gas powered engine. Handlebar mounted kill switch.
Frame: Sturdy aluminum alloy frame and front fork, dual rear spring suspension system, durable plastic full fairing body with racing decals.
Start Method: Recoil pull-start.
Drive System: Chain driven with adjustable rear wheel tension, variable speed hand throttle (motorcycle style). Centrifugal clutch.
Oil Type: 2-cycle oil.
Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline.
Gasoline Mix: 25:30-1
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2 liters.
Brakes: Front and rear disc braking systems.
Dry Weight: 43 lbs.
Dimensions: Length 38 ", Width at handlebars 21.5", Width at seat 9", Height 22", Height when folded 16".
Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs.
Tires: 10" X 4.5” solid, tubeless racing slicks. Solid tires means no flats! Aluminum alloy colored rims.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun With Pocket Bike

Pocket bikes are so much fun. They are designed in a class and style of a mini motorcycle. These are fun for them to ride on a regular basis around their local areas. They can enjoy them because they are not expensive to run and will allow them to get around and have fun at the same time.

Children are also getting acquainted with pocket bikes more and more these days. There are a lot of children that want to have some form of racing bike. A pocket bike is a great way to get a child started on a motor bike and not have to worry about their safely as much. A pocket bike is a great gift for any child. A child will enjoy to this great motorbike and will learn the importance of taking care of something. With the right safety precautions, a child will have a lot of fun on their bike and will get a lot of great experience. Parents need to supervise the child and make sure that they are using the bike properly and safely.

With the right guidance and the right knowledge, anyone can have a great time on their pocket bike. They will have a fun and safe ride. You should start off slow and learn the basics and then go on from there to bigger and better fun.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Maintenance Tips & Storage For Pocket Bike

Maintenance is the key word, which keep bike alive for several years to come. Perform the following tasks on your pocket bike regularly to ensure long life and safe riding.
  • Inspect the spark plug regularly. Yuu will find it at the top of your engine beneath a protective boot. Cleaning the plug will keep you going temporarily but ensure you change it as soon as possible.
  • The air filter collects dust and other materials and prevents them from entering the engine where they can cause demage to the piston and bore. It must be regularly cleaned and a small amount of oil added to trap the debris. A dirty filter will adversely affect performance shorten your bikes live.
  • Next to the choke is a small screw that adjusts the idling speed. To increase idling speed turn clockwise, to decrease turn anti-clockwise until the speed is adjusted correctly. Be careful not to set it too high as that could be dangerous and will only burn up more fuel.
  • Check the tires regularly for demage, bulging and wear and replace before they cause a problem while riding.
  • Take apart the brake assembly on regular schedule and visually inspect for wear and scratches. Check the cable and the cable housing the levers and adjustment barrels too and replace any worn parts.You can adjust the brakes if necessary by loosening the locking nut and tightening or loosening the locking nut.
  • Regularly oil the chain, both outside and inside with an approved chain oil. Oil at least every time you ride yoyr bike. Check that the chain is not too tight or too loose. A too tight chain will lead excessive wear and tear, a loose chain could come off and cause an accident.
  • Over lubricating is not likely to be a problem but under lubricating will cause all types of demage to your bike which will, of course affect the performance and life.
Storing a pocket bike is not at all a problem as it can be well fitted in one particular corner of the room. A proper storage is essential as several weather conditions can cause much demage to the material with which the bike is constructed. Therefore, select a safe place for your bike and get rid of unnecessary tension.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pocket Bike Racing

Pocketbike racing or popular with Mini GP racing, is a racing that is doing with the use of miniature racing motorcycles such as pocket bikes. These bikes are raced around kart tracks. It is an extremely popular sport in Japan and Europe, and is gaining in popularity in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States.

A typical pocket bike is roughly one quarter the size of a normal motorcycle, and is powered by an internal combustion engine of between 40-50 cubic centimetres producing somewhere between 3 and 15 horsepower, depending on the particular model. The machines have no suspension, relying on the tires to absorb bumps and handle cornering, and most weigh right about 40 pounds. The entry-level models often produce about 3 to 4 horsepower, but the more expensive racing models run with much more power. The best pocket bikes for racing are ones that provide a favorable power-to-weight ratio. Performance enhancements are sometimes added to increase speed and acceleration. Despite their tiny size, both adults and children race pocket bikes at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in organized racing leagues.

With the pocket bike, children can learn the basic about motorcycle racing. And for adults can live out their hunger for the adrenaline rush of bike racing without the high costs and heavy associated with full-sized motorcycle racing.

Guidance To Buy A Pocket Bike

When looking to buy a pocket bike (miniature motorcycle) be sure to do your research before you agree on one certain kind. With so many of the manufactures bringing new ideas to the bike trend, there are so many bikes choose from to fit your style. One of the most important facts about buying a pocket bike is to find a high quality product at a great price. You will be able to compare the price of the actual bike as well as any amenities offered, allowing you to see which has the best offer.

When you buy a pocket bike, the laws vary from state to state and country to country. Speak with your local law enforcement agencies and local pocket bike league so that you understand all local rules, regulations, and laws.

Make sure that bike is made from durable materials and put together is sturdy way. You should inspect the bike thoroughly so that you do miss any imperfections or mistake. Make sure of any safety equipment and/or gear you made need. You want your ride to be as safe as possible so your safety should be a priority.

Do not buy one just because it is the cheapest one for you. You are making an investment and it would be a waste of money as well as your time to lose such an extraordinary machine because you failed to get all the correct information.

Safety Tips Pocket Bikes

A pocket bike is a great way to have fun no matter if you are child or an adult. However you have to make sure that you are practicing great safety measures so that everyone involved is safe and sound while they are driving around their pocket bikes.

When riding a pocket bike, be sure to wear safety equipment like helmet, proper clothing, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, shoes and other protective gear. All of these items need to be strong and durable and to cover the areas of your body that need to be protected the most.

You will have to check the tires, the motor and the brakes and make sure that everything is in good working order. Also check the lights if any and the seat and handle bars to be sure that they are tight and ready for your ride.

Learn how to position your bike in the right ways so that you are feeling safe and secure. Make sure that you know how to operate the bike in the proper way so that you are practicing safety and fun at the same time.

Do not try foolish stunts that could be potentially dangerous. While there is no specific age limit to pocket bikes many manufacturers urge that children under the age of 12 not operate them. Children 13-16 should always be supervised by an adult.

In many cases, adults make use of pocket bikes for racing purposes. Such races should take place in safe and scluded areas where the bikers have less cances of being injured. Never ride a pocket bike in heavy traffic areas.

Types of Pocket Bikes

In general, there are two types of mini bikes:
  • Electric Pocket Bikes are equipped with a rather silent motor that can hold up to 700 watts of power. Electric pocket bikes now come in many different forms, with alot of them looking very similiar to its gas relatives. However the electric pocket bikes are often less powerfull and they need recharging on a regular basis, these are the only downfalls. The great thing about motor - beside its silence - is that it is environmentally friendly.
  • Gas Pocket Bikes are usually 2 stroke although it is becoming more common to see some manufaturers produce them as 4 stroke, and range in size from 39cc to 125cc+. Gas pocket bikes are great fun, and with many people joining the sport there are becoming more places to ride the bikes and more race events being set up. They are quite fast for their size, with your average pocket bike capable of doing around 40 mph, with the lanf speed record on one these set at 78 mph.

What are Pocket Bikes ?

Pocket bikes or mini bikes or minimotos are small, speedy, gas powered motorcycles about 47 inches long and 18 inches tall. Pocket bikes are small engined, mainly 2 stroke bikes, usually 49cc or 39cc and depending on the model will be liquid or air cooled single cylinder mini moto engines. The smaller models reach a speed up to 35 mph while the superior models can achieve up to 50 mph.

Pocket bikes are essentially miniature sized GP Racing motorcycles. They look the same, and run like the real thing, except that they are much smaller. Pocket bikes are built with the same detail, proportion and craftmanship of any world-class GP bike on a smaller scale. Pocket bikes have many features common to regular motorcycles, such as disc brakes in thre front and rear, racing tires, fairings, lightweight aluminum alloy cast perimeter frames and swing arms.

Previously pocket bikes were used only on closed racetracks, private roads and on roads that were not under public traffic laws, so that no big car or truck can run into your minute sized pocket bikes. Go-kart tracks provide racetracks suited for pocket bikes.